Packing Guide

Part 1: When to pack


As soon as you think about moving, start collecting:

  • Sturdy boxes (corrugated cardboard) all shapes and sizes
  • Lots and lots of bubble-wrap, old magazines, newspapers and tissue paper
  • Masking tape, stickers and sellotape
  • Self-seal bags for things like nuts and bolts
  • Pillows, duvets and blankets for wrapping valuables and protecting furniture
  • Suitcases can also be used as packing cases: you have to take them anyway!

Pack as you go

Packing always takes longer than you think. So start as soon as you can and follow three key recommendations:

  1. Begin at the top of the house and move downwards. If you have an attic, sort there
  2. Clean out spare rooms or rooms you use for storing things already and once these rooms have been cleared, use these rooms to store all your boxes from the other rooms you clear along the way (really useful if you’re showing your house for sale)
  3. Get help with anything heavy or cumbersome that might need dismantling or carrying downstairs – the last thing you need is to damage your back

Be ruthless – but also smart and kind

Throw away things you don’t want to take or will never use wear or watch again. But don’t just hire a skip and throw things out, be systematic:

  • Take old clothes or books to charity shops where others might benefit from them
  • Sell unused electrical goods on auction sites like eBay – or to friends and family
  • Hold a jumble or car boot sale for your knick-knacks – and use this time to personally say goodbye to neighbours and friends

You may not make a fortune, but what you do make can go toward replacing the things you’ve discarded for your new home. Jumble sales are also good ways to involve the kids.

Involve the kids – and don’t forget the dog

Children will be sensitive to how distracted you are and to radical changes in their environment. So get them involved in packing their toys and games. Like we said, a jumble sale is also a nice way for them to feel part of the moving adventure.

Pets can be unsettled by these changes too. Be sensitive to any changes in behaviour as they react to your moods and the physical changes taking place around them.

Get covered

We are insured if we pack and move your belongings for you, but if you choose to pack yourself, make sure your most precious items are covered for potential breakages.

Part 2: How to Pack

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