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Our quotation and its acceptance by you are subject to our Terms and Conditions which are also attached. We would particularly draw your attention to Clause 6,7 and 9 which covers our liability to you in the event of loss or damage and also Cancellation.

The price(s) we have quoted includes standard liability for loss of or damage to your goods whilst they are in our custody and control as set out in Clause 9.1 and 10 of our Terms and Conditions. We would draw your attention to the items for which we will not accept liability, and to the exclusions which apply to our liability.

Our liability is a contractual agreement between you and us.

IMPORTANT: It is the client's responsibility to have parking for our vehicle at both addresses within 20 meters from the entrance.

Please check with the Local Authorities if there are any parking restrictions at your addresses.

Any dispensation / suspension bay charges or fines incurred during the removal will be chargeable to the client (payable in cash on the day of the move).

If you need advice on parking, please do not hesitate to contact our office, we are happy to help with any information and assistance.