Office Removals

It's all about the uptime

The biggest risk with office removals is downtime.

Even if you move on a weekend, what happens if servers have been damaged or mission-critical departments haven’t been prioritised?

Planning is everything. Which is why our Office Removals Consultants do their homework:

  • We take a good look around – Whether you’re moving a factory, a shop or an office.
  • We tailor everything – Packaging and transportation solutions that meet your business needs.
  • We include everyone – Even employees, especially if they are helping with the move.
  • We come prepared – Specialist equipment like external lifts. A crate hire service including PC crates for IT equipment. Even fully trained in-house porters.
  • We plan ahead – Our Removals Plan details timescales; responsibilities; and contingency plans for dealing with unforeseen events.
  • And we guarantee – The final quote is just that: final. We hate downtime too.

With office removals, our business success is your business moved to perfection.

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