An Eco-friendly Guide to Moving Home

Let’s Move Green in 2016!

We all do our bit.

We recycle. We shop with our values. And we donate to charities striving to make the world a safer, greener and better place for our children.

But we can’t move home in an environmentally sensitive way, can we? All those cardboard boxes. The avalanche of bubble wrap. All the toing and froing.

Well actually, you can ‘move green’. And contrary to what you might think, moving green makes environmental and financial sense. It can be a lot of fun too.

Our eco-friendly moving guide is packed full of practical tips and covers everything you need to move home in an environmentally sensitive way:

  • How to pick both an experienced and eco-friendly removals company
  • How to declutter your home, make money and new friends
  • How to pack up your world the right way
  • How to tick off all those things you might otherwise forget
  • What to do on the big day to stay sane (for you and your loved ones)
  • Plus how to keep moving green following the move

Feel free to download and share our eco-friendly moving guide with any family, friends, or colleagues you know who would love to move green in 2016.


And if you have any green moving ideas of your own, please share them with us on Facebook. You can also email us or call us on 0800 078 7952 or 0203 583 9034 and let us know how you made your move greener.

The City Removals Team.

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