Packing Guide

Part 3: How to unpack


Take a moment

Once you’ve taken all the carefully labelled boxes into their carefully labelled rooms, make sure kids and pets are safe and secure and thank everyone who helped you – then relax.

Dig the kettle out of your amazing moving box and regroup. Believe us when we say that all your hard work and careful planning can be undone if you unpack everything straight away.

Decide what needs unpacking first

Here are a few ideas to help you decide:

  • If you have a family: the kid’s rooms, bathrooms and kitchen are essential
  • If you are single and work from home: put up your bed first and make sure the study is wired up so that you can unpack while you work

Don’t be afraid of seeking help

We’ve encouraged you to involve your kids. And given the right guidance, if they are old and strong enough, they can help you unpack. But ask your friends and family to help too.

Once you’re done, don’t forget to set a date and invite them to a house warming party too. It’s an important new step in your life. Enjoy the fresh new start together.

One last thing

Please dispose of unwanted boxes and packing materials in an environmentally conscious way. If friends or family are moving soon, they could also take them off your hands.

You can give them this free Packing Guide too.

Thank you for your time from the City Removals Packing Team.

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