Andy Leese

Thanks for the move, great job.
I moved from London to Halifax and city were about in the middle of the cost range. They put up with all my changes of dates and finally we locked down on monday of this week. They arrived early but said they could wait if I wasnt ready. I was in fact ready so started off. The only criticism of the move out was one of the guys accidentally walked some mud into the house as it was raining outside but he tried his best to clean it up. I would recommend you advise them to place blankets rather than expecting them to naturally do this. They moved all my belongings out in 3 hours and then into storage. I did have to pay extra again (£35) as they underestimated the storage and they did want this additional money in cash but as they didnt tell me this until one hour before the delivery, I wasnt able to get to a bank so advised them Id transfer the money afterwards. They accepted this but I did think a bit of forward planning could have removed this stress. Moving in they were very quick, put blankets down and didnt complain when I stated I wanted all the boxes to be put in the upstairs room so I could hide them away until I wanted to unpack. I guess I was a little unsure at first as they seem to be relatively new business but absolutely made the right choice – nothing was damaged, they were very courteous and the 2 guys who did the move were quite laid back which made the removal nice and easy. I would certainly use them again – especially as the more well known companies who Ive used before provided an equal service but at a premium. Thanks for the move, great job.

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