Nicolas V

I usually don't write reviews but have to this time, as I have been truly impressed by City Removals from beginning to end.

I usually don’t write reviews but have to this time, as I have been truly impressed by City Removals from beginning to end, and I want to make sure this company get the credit they deserve, as I have been moving 10 times in the last 15 years, in many different countries, and have never come across such a high-quality and professional company, and for a very fair and reasonnable price. First the survey was done very quickly and professionally, which was a great sign. I then received a very competitive quote in just a few days, followed by the boxes I had ordered shortly thereafter, so I could begin packing. Email communication with City Removals was very very efficient and professional, especially when confirming dates, boxes, parking permits, etc… City Removals did take care of all the parking requirements with the council, which was a huge relief for me. Every time I tried to call them, especially on Saturdays, they were always available to discuss on the phone, which was very helpful. They also replied to emails quite quickly, and even on weekends and evenings. On the day of the move, the crew did arrive at exactly 7am, not a minute late! The crew was extremely good, very very careful with my belongings, whether fragile or not. They were taking their shoes off every time they got into the house, both at pickup and delivery, and that was without me even asking for it! They were also extremely careful with the walls, and despite the narrow staircase didn’t leave a single mark or scuff on any wall! I stayed with them all day and was impressed as they worked really hard and didn’t stop much, from 7am until 7pm, given all the stuff that I have (5-bedroom house). A third guy came to help in the middle morning actually, without any extra charge, and stayed until the end of the day, as I had too much stuff, which was another great relief. Another great favour they did for me is to accept to drive to a storage facility in Wandsworth to drop off several bulky pieces of furniture which wouldn’t fit in the new house. It did take a good hour out of the way but they helped without any issue whatsoever. I paid extra for the wrapping of those pieces of furniture but they were well wrapped and they even gave me a few blankets to protect the furniture under the wrapping. I was also quite impressed at how good they were at dismantling the furniture (and re-assembling it) and emptying the dressers of drawers (and anything left) to avoid any movement. At the end of the day, they finished with the patio furniture under the rain, which was a testament to how dedicated they were. They left past 7pm without ever complaining about the amount of work (we did three trips!), so they deserved a big tip! Another nice gesture was that they took the boxes I didn’t use, and I didn’t have to pay for them. A few days ago, they contacted me to ask me when they could come to pick up the empty boxes, which was a surprise but certainly a good one, as moving companies don’t usually do this or don’t follow up proatively about this. For all those reasons, I cannot recommend this company enough! I am not planning to move again anytime soon, but if I do, I know whom to call.

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